SCS New Media Survey
Are you a cybernaut or always on email or social media? Take 5 minutes to share with us your communications & content preferences and stand a chance to win a Nintendo Switch or The Line International Buffet dining vouchers @ Shangri-La Hotel!

This survey is for SCS professional/ Student Chapter members only.

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. All responses will be held strictly confidential and only reviewed by the SCS committees.
Where do you usually receive SCS' related information from? *

What are your preferred communication channels to receive SCS' related information? *

What are your preferred types of content that you would like to read/ receive on SCS digital channels? (Select up to 3) *

What are your preferred social media platforms to receive SCS' related information? (Choose up to 2) *

What are your preferred technical domain areas? (Choose up to 3) *

Which events have you attended at SCS? *

What kind of events and groups would you like us to organise more often? (please choose 3) *

Tell us one thing that SCS is doing well? *

Tell us one thing that SCS needs to improve on? *

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